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Welcome to Enchanted Revival Massage & Wellness Studio

100% organic and vegan therapeutic massage spa in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs

Our licensed massage therapists are trained with highest quality European massage techniques and standards. In addition to our exemplary training, we’ve chosen to use only organic and vegan oils and enhancements enhancements with our massage and bodywork modalities. It is through our training, high standards and commitment to using organic and vegan products that we can offer you a better massage experience than most other traditional massage spas.

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Our Approach

Our style yields a more effective massage with longer lasting results. We understand how your body and your muscles respond to different massage techniques. We make sure to warm up the outer layers of tissue allowing them to relax before we begin to manipulate muscle fibers. Depending on your body’s needs and your comfort level, the massage can be as gentle or deep as needed. More importantly, during the massage we aren’t just working with your muscles, we are working with your fascia. This process makes the massage much more effective by providing you more therapeutic benefits.

Every massage is tailored to the individual client. Our holistic massages are specifically tailored to your unique set of circumstances. Do not expect to arrive at our spa and receive a ‘standard’ massage experience. Our massages are much more tailored to your custom set of needs. You can expect to arrive at our spa and let us know your goals for the massage, what stressors are affecting your well being and if there’s an issue we will treat the root of it, not just the symptoms of it. When you come to Enchanted Revival, we treat the client as a whole, not just a sore muscle. We take into account your emotional and mental wellbeing, in addition to your physical body.

What makes us different?

We are all-natural, organic, vegan. We are holistic, which means our intuitive massage therapists use multiple modalities to help assess the whole body, not just the problem area. We are one of the few spas in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago who use all organic and vegan products.


- Our Technique -

Our Technique

Because every body is different there is no one set massage technique that we use. Every treatment is unique providing a creative opportunity for our massage therapists to adapt to the given situation, address current stressors, and develop a plan to provide you with lasting relief. Our massages can include gliding, reflexology, trigger point work, deep tissue techniques, fascia manipulation, various cupping cupping modalities, subtle energy work and even body wraps. Depending on your needs, our massage therapists will recommend the best combination of modalities to provide you with the most benefits of your massage session. Our goal is to bring your mind and body; physically, emotionally and mentally, into a state of homeostasis where your entire self is in alignment.


- Our Oils -

Our Oils

Our massage oils are all organic. Did you know the most commonly used massage oil in spas is mineral oil? We choose not to use mineral oil because it is a byproduct of petroleum and is considered a petrochemical. Mineral oils has been known to contain harmful contaminants, clog pores and does not provide anything beneficial to your skin. With so many available options available for massage oils, we choose to be better than the average spa. Instead, we use a variety of organic massage oils that not only enhance the massage experience, but also have therapeutic benefits in the oil itself. The massage oils we use may contain essential fatty acids, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.


- Our Fragrance -

Our Fragrance

We do choose to fragrance our oils fragrance our oils, like most other spas do as well. Traditional spas will add nice smells to their oils using fragrance oils, which are chemicals. Many of these chemicals are harsh and are known disruptors to our bodies. We choose better. Our oils a fragranced with natural, therapeutic grade essential oils therapeutic grade essential oils which are plant based. By using essential oils in our massage oils, we are adding therapeutic benefits to the massage by adding an increased potential to reduce stress, tension and inflammation, as well as improving mood and promoting relaxation.

Why our massages are so effective

When you come to Enchanted Revival expect us to not only address your physical health, but also your mental and emotional well being. We’ll ask questions that help us get to the root of problem areas so we can help support your health and wellness from the core to what’s happening on the surface.

Based on our discovery, we’ll adjust our massage modality to best fit the issues we find and incorporate the proper oils to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the massage.

Our use of massage oils, essential oils or other treatments and applications other treatments and applications are all plant-based, organic and vegan and prepared during your session. The combination of ingredients that we will choose to use during your session are customized to you and prepared for you on the spot so that their potency has not been compromised. Our massages are so effective because your session is completely customized for your unique set of circumstances, from the massage modalities incorporated in the massage, to the subtle energy work, to the ingredients in the oils used during the massage.

Although thorough research into organic medicine is only in its beginning stages, all of our products have been scientifically shown to be therapeutic and tested by us to be effective. We use cups, massage tools, a mineral heat lamp, and other manipulation techniques. Along with nature's living matter we deliver you the best benefits massage can offer.